Nuevo, moderno, elegantes interiores, piscina y ski-in/out

7 Dormitorios    14 Invitados    560m² / 6027pies².


En59.000 euros/semana

7 Dormitorios    14 Invitados    560 m² / 6027 pies².


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    Discreción, calidad y tranquilidad en las pistas de Courchevel

    6 Dormitorios    12 Invitados    860m² / 9257pies².


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    6 Dormitorios    12 Invitados    860 m² / 9257 pies².


    Espacio, comodidad y lujo en las pistas de Courchevel 1650

    6 Dormitorios    10-14 Invitados    675m² / 7265pies².


    En€25,00066.000 euros/semana

    6 Dormitorios    10-14 Invitados    675 m² / 7265 pies².


    Chalet de lujo Ski-in/out en Courchevel Belleverde con piscina

    5 Dormitorios    10 Invitados    575m² / 6189pies².


    En€20,00059.000 euros/semana

    5 Dormitorios    10 Invitados    575 m² / 6189 pies².


    En€24,00046.000 euros/semana

    Amplio chalet de lujo para 12 personas en Courchevel 1650

    6 Dormitorios    12 Invitados    395m² / 4251pies².


    En€24,00046.000 euros/semana

    6 Dormitorios    12 Invitados    395 m² / 4251 pies².


    Cómodo chalet con acceso directo a las pistas de esquí en Courchevel 1650, rodeado de naturaleza

    6 Dormitorios    10 Invitados    350m² / 3767pies².


    En18.000 euros/semana

    6 Dormitorios    10 Invitados    350 m² / 3767 pies².


    Un precioso chalet de lujo en Courchevel 1650

    5 Dormitorios    10 Invitados    400m² / 4305pies².


    En€15,00034.000 euros/semana

    5 Dormitorios    10 Invitados    400 m² / 4305 pies².


    COURCHEVEL 1650: Perfect for families

    The understated sibling of the outwardly ostentatious Courchevel 1850, the resort now known as Courchevel Moriond is particularly popular among families arriving from the European continent who prefer a reserved elegance as opposed to over-the-top indulgence.

    Within easy reach of the ‘Parc de la Vanoise’ – a protected area dedicated to younger skiers – Courchevel 1650 is the perfect setting for children, also enjoying its own Aquamotion centre complete with swimming pool, artificial wave, spa and onsite café – there’s no better space for families.

    With the added benefit of ski touring and hiking throughout the lower lying mountains, Courchevel 1650 enjoys a certain grace that lacks in its more altitudinal sibling, making for an altogether more affordable excursion.

    hidden gems of the resort

    Courchevel 1650 draws in those seeking a more distinguished experience – and, fortunate enough, Kings Avenue hosts some of the most beloved luxury chalets of this resort. While never claiming to be in the same league as those Mega Mansions of 1850, the experience is unrivalled in terms of charm and sophistication.

    Constructed from the finest materials and finished to the highest specifications, guests are smitten as to the classical beauty still on offer in Courchevel Moriond.

    Ski-in/ski-out, swim or spa in belvedere

    Where Courchevel 1650 retains its classical aura, ascend into Belvedere, disappear discretely into the trees and uncover some of our finest chalets.

    Make the most of our ski-in/ski-out chalets, dive into the hidden depths of their private swimming pools, and indulge in an exclusive spa treatment – all courtesy of the Kings Avenue collection in Belvedere.

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