45.830444, 6.645667
  • 16-18 Invités
  • 9 Chambres à coucher
  • 895 m² / 9634 pi².
  • Un lieu unique à Megève, imaginé et créé pour vous

    A house, a refuge, a place where you can feel far from everything and connected at the same time.

    The sound of the snow under your feet, the heat of the flames that flicker in the fireplace, the silence of the mountain as it falls peacefully asleep, the happiness of being seated at the dinner table surrounded by the people you love, the color of the sky at sunset, the whisper of the wind on the snow-covered pines… life offers us so many simple moments full of magic that we sometimes forget to appreciate them.

    This beautiful chalet, built on the heights of Megève, was built around this magic! The one that transports you, offers you the luxury of taking your time and puts you in the heart of what really matters: sharing unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

    To be entrusted with the keys of this exceptional place is like entering an exclusive world and discovering an extraordinary way of life.

    Mountain lovers, people who are passionate about art, gastronomy and wine, enthusiasts of a very high-end and ultra-personalized tourism, the owners of this chalet have only one idea in mind, to make you discover the Haute-Savoie in a different way. To make you experience an authentic and limitless stay.

    The MB Chalet consists of 2 chalets, a main chalet and a guest chalet, which can be independent. The architecture, cared for in the smallest details, perfectly combines traditional inheritance and contemporary elegance.

    Erected in the heart of snow-covered peaks, perfectly integrated in its environment, this prestigious refuge, will seduce you upon your arrival.

    Made of noble materials, melding with refinement wood with robust cut stones and wood, this place will surprise you as much as it will charm you and you will then have only one desire, to open its doors and join the warm atmosphere of its interior.

    The chalets are situated in a quiet hamlet near to the cross-country ski slopes of Megeve, close to the Cote 2000 ski area and a few minutes from Mont d’Arbois.

    Contact us to find out more about this exceptional chalet and experience.


    • Espace bar
    • Enfants bienvenus
    • Salon à double hauteur
    • Cheminée
    • Garage Parking
    • Gymnastique
    • Hammam / Steam room
    • Jacuzzi / bain à remous intérieur
    • Buanderie
    • Ascenseur
    • Salle de massage
    • Sauna
    • Local à skis et à chaussures
    • Piscine
    • Pays: France
    • Ville: Megève

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    Aéroport : Genève, 1 heure en voiture
    La ville : 10 minutes en voiture
    Ski : 5 minutes by car (Mont d'Arbois)

    +41 22 819 94 07 Envoyez-nous un courriel Partager le chalet
    +41 22 819 94 07